The Game, and how is it related to Gauntlet

This game takes inspiration in that Gauntlet was one of the firtst Multiplayer dungeon crawlers. Looking at what would be possible to do with DR when it comes to networking, it was clear that a "live" multiplayer game would be hard. There is no fast networking support in the basic version. Just http. So to utilize that limitation to the fullest, I made the game rythm based. That means that there is plenty of time to do the quite slow http calls needed to update state for each player. 

Also, 4 players is a bit meager by todays standards, so we don't really have a limit here. When the server dies, it dies :) Other than that it's a similar goal. Kill the enemies, collect the loot, find the exit.  Oh, and if you are not the hero, you have to find and kill him first.. 

Why this?

For some reason I wanted to join this game jam (my first Game Jam ever). The rules are simple. Make a game using DragonRuby that is inspired by the game Gauntlet.  Shouldn't be impossible.

Now, I haven't made many games, nor have I written a single line of Ruby ever before this, but I like the DragonRuby project and the simplicity of it compared to anything else I have played with, so I decided to try it out. Let's see what I can throw together...

The music
The music is of course very clear on it's beats, as the beats are important. I tried out a few different styles of music but landed on trying to recreate the feeling of the games I grew up playing in the 80:s. 

The main song is here:

The Graphics

I litterally hate making graphics. I found some sprites I had from a humble bundle (I think) and those were made by


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I found the movement a little confusing, but it's understandable considering the limitations. It look very promising.

Thanks for the comment. You mean the jerkyness or that there are better instructions needed?

This is a promising game! Very ambitious to make a multiplayer game for a game jam. I look forward to seeing it develop if you plan to continue with it.

Thanks. It's a fun little project and especially since the whole ruby part was new. I hope I can get the client and server to sync up better in the future and the wishlist for things I'd like to do here is long.. but there are many other ideas competing for the time :)