NOTE: There is no sound on the title screen BUT IT WILL START WHEN YOU START THE GAME. And its a bit loud mix. So just be prepared. Also it takes a moment after pressing space until the game starts. 

This game is to be submitted to the VimJam4 jam. It needs a lot of polish but should at least be able to display the idea properly.

All games have to have a story and of course there is one here as well

You are a note trying to escape from a failed Electro Country artists note sheet. Tired of being stuck in the same, horrible, melody and wanting to explore the world of sound and good taste you decide to run away as far as you can. Being the last tone of the song you will have until the end of the song before your escape will be noticed.
    Along the way you will encounter helpful and hostile objects that may help you or try to stop you. You will have to  dodge ,jump, slide and fight your way through the musical trail until reaching the end and becoming free to explore other musical genres, rythms and worlds (or at least jump, maybe not the other stuff).  Only then can you  hope to find your true sound and purpose in life.

Controls and instructions

Your goal is to reach the finish-line before the music ends.  If you manage to get through the level at standard speed without stopping, you will only just manage, but there are obstacles that will hinder your progress but also help elements. 

Controls: Spacebar or mouse button (one button operation). Pressing the button will make you jump. Pressing again will make you land faster (while in jump).

A moving enemy is a square of one of these colors. Its movement will depend on the music element it is tied to. Same color = same music element.

From left to right: Base drum, snare drum, voice drum, strings, bass

A static enemy. Follows the same color scheme as the moving enemy, but in this case the music controls the enemies activation.

Speedup. This increases your speed. Once you have hit one of these it has a cooldown period so you have to wait to reuse it (in case you have gotten sent back to a previous checkpoint)

These are the paths you have to cross on your way. A square means it will stop you (jump to continue). A triangle means it will move you sideways (but stop forward motion).

These are checkpoints. When you die you will be directly transported back to the last one of these paths you took. So they kill your speed, but they also give you a fallback.

How the game fits with the VimJam4 rules and qualifiers

The game has roads/paths as checkpoints and you have to choose how you want to cross these paths. Take the checkpoint and move slower or jump over it and keep the speed up, but with the penalty of starting at an earlier checkpoint if you die.. 

The game aims to have all the qualifiers. 

  • In a song
    • The level moves with the (intentionally awful) music. You should get as far as you can during the song.
  • Shapely
    • All graphics are basic shapes in flat colors. 
  • Two buttons
    • You just need the space bar..

All graphics, sound and code was made by me.  Game was written in Dragon Ruby, but please don't hold that against the engine. Its much better than this game.

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
Made withDragonRuby GTK
Average sessionA few minutes


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